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One of a kind simulator

Our high-end racing simulator is seriously fun for amateurs and sophisticated enough to be used as a training tool for professional drivers. Double Apex can help create a memorable day with friends or colleagues! We also sell and install simulation products. Call us for a quote.

” Discovery, realism and precision! ”

” Feels and drives more like a real car than a simulation! ”

Mathieu DUBÉ, TEST Racing - Owner

” OMG, it’s amazing! ”

Satisfied Client, 2019
Simulateur de course

Thrills guaranteed

Whether you are a professional driver or you’ve never driven a car, Double Apex’s racing simulator will make you feel the thrill of speed.  The experience can easily be adjusted to your skill and fitness level in difficulty and intensity.  Enjoy a unique and memorable experience with colleagues and friends.

La crème de la crème

We have meticulously chosen the best components available on the market to create a best in class product. We use actuators with real-time response, a long range of movement and are near silent. Other components include direct drive steering, load cell pedals, an extremely robust and zero flex chassis, a real race car bucket seat Mirco GT2i. The VR headset’s large field of view and ultra-high high resolution will make you feel like your there.

Simulateur de course

The choice is yours

You have the power to chose: from GT3 to street cars, rally, drift and F1. Most race tracks are laser scanned for ultimate precision and realism.

Safe and green

We pledge to provide a safe and ecological racing experience. Forget harmful fumes, risks of injury and staggering costs in consumables and mechanical wear and tear. No matter the weather outside, every day is a race day with a Double Apex simulator.

Simulateur de course

Thanks to an incomparable expertise built through decades in racing simulation and new technologies, Double Apex is the reference in VR racing simulator.


How long does a racing session last?

Each session is 10 minutes. We recommend breaks between sessions to stretch and relax. For Racing Packages, session duration can be extended.

Do I need a driver’s license?

A driver’s license is not required, but the minimum age is 14 and teens 14-16 must be accompanied by a parent or tutor.

How is Double Apex different?

Unlike other racing experiences in Montreal, our simulator reacts in real time in the same manner a real car would move. We use our deep expertise in VR to offer a level of immersion like no other.

How many can participate?

Drivers take turn racing 5 to 10 minutes.

What is the minimal duration of an event?

The shortest event duration is half a day, 3.5 hours.

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