Longueuil, QC

By reservation only. 438-771-9927

COVID safety:
Maximum 1 person in the simulator room and 2 people in the waiting area. Equipment is disinfected between uses.

15 minutes

$2999per person

30 minutes

$5599per person

60 minutes

$9999per person
  • Taxes not included. Applied at checkout.
  • Double Apex recommends arriving 10 minutes early.
  • 1 person per time block.
  • The first 2 minutes of a time block are for COVID disinfection and user setup time.
  • 16 years and older. Minors must be accompanied by a parent.
  • Participants who are late or absent are responsible for it, and will not be compensated in any manner or for any reason.
  • Double Apex has the rights to cancel your scheduled activity in case of broken equipment or other major event. This type of exceptional occasion can force us to make a last-minute cancelation. If this situation happens, we will offer to reschedule a new date according to your availabilities.


Double Apex

Longueuil, QC